Mathieu Babin

C2 / OSM

C2 is a 3day worldclass creative conference. GENTILHOMME was approched to conceptualized and produce the opening of the event. Maestro Kent Nagano conducted his orchestra (OSM Orchestre symphonique de Montréal) for a unique performance. We delivered a 360° immersive experience with interactive element reacting to the music and the movement of the Maestro.

The music, Meeting with a Friend by Latvian composer Georgs Pelēcis, was chosen by the mæstro himself for a very symbolic reason. The solo violin, strings and piano piece is comprised of vigorous and lively conversations between the instruments and the soloist, evoking the meetings and exchanges that will take place during the 3 days of the conference.




Creative Director: Thibaut Duverneix
Director - Art Director: Mathieu Babin
Creative Producer: Marielou Bouchard
Digital Artist: Fred Trétout
Digital Artist: Geoffrey Skrajewski
Interactive Producer: Gabrielle Sigmen Mercier
Creative Coder: Dage
Interactive Designer: Anne Lagacé



With a massive resolution of 11676x1400px, producing 10mins of photrealistic content was a challenge by itself. The biggest theme explored are Light, architecture and nature. Depicting a world where nature is taking over ruins of a Brutalism inspired past. The world regrow only using nature inspired form of architecture. We used Houdini to achieve this mega structure that is generated based on the growth of vegetation.

Originaly the whole film was in color. I choose to only keep the last segment this way and to emphasize the light contrast that video mapping allow us to do with a lucious Black and white

Timeline/moodboard to structure the musical piece

Timeline/moodboard to structure the musical piece

Our final structure created by Fred tretou in Houdini

Some early color test